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On 11 December 2012, Ida Auken, the environmental minister at the time, announced that eight years of effort campaigning had finally paid off for the councils of Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund, as Skjoldungelandet had been officially granted state approval to become Denmark’s next national park.

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Feathery delight Other major historical finds in the national park region include the remains of five Viking ships found in Roskilde Fjord in the 1960s, which formed the basis of the now world-famous Roskilde Viking Ship Museum.

Eagles were important to Vikings and ancient settlers in Scandinavia, perhaps even revered; it is fitting, then, that the area around Roskilde Fjord is also a reserve for the incredibly rare white-tailed sea eagles, who nest on the remote Bognæs peninsula that stretches in a north-eastern direction away from Sankt Hans Hospital.

Feudal serf money As of 1744 the farms belonged to the estate of Ledreborg, but because of the long distance to Ledreborg the farmers in Herslev did not have to carry out feudal labour for the estate, instead they paid a fee to the Holstein family.

The farms were rented/leased under certain conditions, which normally involved working on the estate and its fields.

Pigs and chickens ran loose and rummaged everywhere, a scene that is difficult to image now, with everything so well maintained and the streets paved.